Angelo Spinazzola

Angelo is the owner and operator of North River Kayak Tours entering their 25th year. Angelo usually juggles 7 balls in the air at once while he is playing his guitar, harmonica and answering the phone. Multi-tasking is his specialty as well as keeping all his little ducklings happy. With 7 CD’s and a recent East Coast Music Award to his credit, Angelo is still maintaining a good part of his sanity…. or at least HE thinks so 🙂

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Blair Doyle

Blair has an extensive outdoor and wilderness background having hiked, biked, climbed, crawled, parachuted, Swan Dives, Triple Salchowed, Belly Flopped, Belly danced, and kayaked most of the Maritimes. Currently he is a Sea Kayak Level Two, River Kayak Level One, and Flatwater Canoe Instructor with the Paddle Canada program and likes long walks and sweet little lies~ (Fleetwood Mac).

Wilderness First Aid Training

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Justin Butler

Justin just can’t get enough of us~ After working with us for 7 years. He took a wee break only to find that he had to return to get back on the water and delight his guests with his charm and deep knowledge of the area. Justin’s stunning photo images that were taken on the waters here have been published around the world. This man has a keen eye~ We are delighted Justin is with us and all love him here.


Jeremy From Margaree, Cape Breton Island!


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Jeremy Smith

Jeremy is a swell guy who loves the outdoors and life. Jeremy recently started his own SUP business on the Island titled CB West SUP. He is a fine lad with lots of wit. We are looking forward to hanging out and paddling with Jeremy again this summer.



Django is relatively new to kayaking but is excited about the idea in a big way. Django began canoeing at the age of 6 months and quickly moved into the world of kayaking when he turned one. He says  “It makes me feel closer to the water and very connected to the moon’s tidal pull….It’s all about the tides”(Wise Dog) When asked what is his favorite part about kayaking he says simply…  “the Dog Paddle and getting fed peppermints from very kind tourists.” 

Sofia sunlight

Sofia Brownstein

Sofia has been a friend of North River Kayak for many years and now she is lead guiding folk with passion and pride.Sofia lives just down the road and we are delighted that she is coming back to guide with us in 2018. She knows how to get us boys into shape in a hurry  🙂

 It's a great job!